"Taste of You" live on FOX TV


Michael Riser Band performance of "Taste of You" at the FOX 32 TV Studios in Chicago. Thank you to Richard Roper, the entertainment reporter, for the table pounding enthusiasm! The way you screamed that we ROCK was music to our ears!
Cubs Will Do It Again

A new, high energy, Cubs rallying song for the team’s upcoming highly anticipated winning season! As a local singer songwriter that grew up on the Northwest side of Chicago near Addison and Harlem, Michael Riser has been a Cubs his entire life. This high energy song has been written with love and hope for this new team in a style that is uniquely Chicago. The song acknowledges but dismisses the previous heart breaks and superstitions with a tongue and cheek humor while boldly proclaiming in confident defiance that all those events are past history no longer holding any power over the team and that the never ending belief of all us faithful Cubs fans will come true! Like the rallying cry tag line of the choruses in this song says… “If you never stopped believing let me hear you roar… The Cubs will do it again just like they did it before!”
The Rest of Us

A patriotic, heart-pumping anthem to honor the unsung heroes of our nation that keep this great country rolling.
I Love You Naked

A fun sing-along country song video from Nashville inspired rocker, Michael Riser, featuring Actress, Michelle Lynn, which reminds us that no matter how tough times may be, the one thing no one can take from you is the love you've earned. 'Cause, it's about who you are... not what you have. Michael Riser puts a fun yet bitter sweet spin on the economic problems so many face these days with the potential of foreclosures, evictions and repossessions that threaten to take away material comforts that so many have worked so hard for. "Let 'em take it, I love you naked" is the new rallying cry for couples who are tired of wasting time and energy trying to keep all the possessions that aren't as important as they once thought. "There are a lot of people going though times these days that can relate to this song and video. I've received many emotional emails and messages from people that where happy to have someone finally put their sentiment to music", remarks Riser. "I think this song hits home with a lot of people that are just too tired to waste time being sad or depressed anymore about their financial situations. Sure, it's nice to have stuff, but it's love and commitment between people that really matters. In the end, that's what gets us all through the good times as well as the bad".

Michael Riser Band performing "Ride" on CBS TV 12, Palm Beach/Miami
"Cubs Will Do It Again" performed live on WGN TV a

"Cubs Will Do It Again" performed live on WGN TV at Kerry Wood Field for the station's Cubs rally
Michael Riser Performs the legendary song,GLORIA w

Michael Riser acoustically performs the legendary hit song, GLORIA with its original singer, Jimy Sohns of The Shadows of Knight, joined by Chip Z' Nuff of the band Enuff Z'Nuff on the Mancow Show
I Love You Naked, performed LIVE at Seven On Ridge

Michael Riser performing his country hit, "I Love You Naked" with backup-singer, Julia Kay, during his appearance at "Seven on Ridge" along with their house band after being interviewed by the talk show's host, Michael Essany.
Michael Riser interviewed at "Seven on Ridge"

Michael Riser being interviewed at "Seven on Ridge" by the talk show's host, Michael Essany, just prior to taking the stage and performing his song, "I Love You Naked", with the "Seven on Ridge" orchestra.
While I'm Gone

The Michael Riser Band performs "While I'm Gone" from his debut CD "Rise". Band members left to right, Bill Henshell - Bass, Michael Todd - Drums, Randy Raatz - Guitar, and ,of course, Michael Riser up front. The Dancer is Leandra LaGreca. This song was has been trimmed to 2:30 due to network constraints.
Everyone (unplugged)

“Everyone” performed live & unplugged at WFXF The Fox 103.9 FM Studios featuring Reid Blondell on the blues harmonica
"Too Old For Idol" (American Idol Audition Parody)


A aggressively bloody, sexy video of my new tragic modern day love song, "Kiss".