Music and Lyrics by Michael Riser

If She's Gone

If She’s Gone

Music & Lyrics by: Michael Riser

Stopped by a friend’s house and found him sitting in the rain
Staring out at nothing,  just passing time away
So I said, you’re gonna have to let go, you’re never gonna get her back
He looked me right in the eyes, and said you think you’re so wise
So brother, won’t you let me ask…

If she’s gone, if she’s gone
then tell me why do I still feel her with me here at home
And why don’t I feel so alone, if she’s gone

Met back in high school, when they were just seventeen
He wasn’t any good at football, she wasn’t home coming queen
But they shared the kind of beauty, people say is more than just skin deep
Then he made her his wife, they joined partners for life, until the Lord took her to sleep

If she’s gone, if she’s gone
tell me why am I still able to smell the perfume that I’ve known
If she’s gone, if she’s gone
why would The Lord send me an angel, just to take her for his own

Why do I hear her in my dreams
Why’s it so hard to believe
I know she’s with me, even though my eyes can’t see her form, if she’s gone

A few years later, his tired heart had given away
he was laid beside his angel, as if on their wedding day, and for a time
you could hear a pin drop, until the Preacher sang his Psalms
Then wiping my eyes, I looked up to the skies, ‘cause I knew where he had gone

He went home, he went home
I bet they’re holding hands and dancing, ‘cause they back as they belong
If she’s gone, if she’s gone
just then I felt so foolish asking, ‘cause she was with him all along
and to this day I hear them laughing every time it storms…
If she’s gone

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