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"Better To Live With Nothing" from my "God And Country" album is now playing! Click the MUSIC Tab to hear all my songs and download them!


I'm excited to release my newest album, “God And Country”! You're hearing the first song, "Better To Live With Nothing", playing automatically from this new album on your PC (mobile devise users must click on the music player arrow at the top left under my name to hear). Keep listening to all the songs from my new album for free and then Click the MUSIC tab at the left to download it!

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By the way, I'm also proud to announce that in January 2016 I’ve been named as a recipient of the ASCAP Plus Award for my contributions to the song writing community and that Delta Airlines has purchased rights to use my title song, "Rise" from my debut album, "Rise", for their marketing promotions. Thanks ASCAP and Delta!

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"The sound...stunning, the words...spectacular. Riser's vocals, both written and sung, are fantastic. I found his work thoughtful and insightful...His style is a mix... rock with hints of country popping through. It doesn't sit squarely in one genre, but that is a good thing in this case. I really was into his sound; it's fresh...If you are looking for a CD that is great from start to finish, Riser is your man."

Catherine L. Tully, review

Music lovers and fans of artists like "Nickelback", "Shinedown", "Daughtry", "3 Doors Down", "Matchbox Twenty", "Keith Urban", and "Brad Paisley" are quickly adopting this new singer's style as the next dynamic sound on the RISE.

Latest News

Between Live and TV promotional tour appearances for the "God And Country" album release, my band and I are already working on my next album, "Super Nova", due out in Summer 2016.

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Let me know about clubs and venues in your area that you feel would be a good match for my music. You can help by joining my Street Team and emailing me about any clubs, venues, radio stations, or others in the industry that might be a good fit for my style of music and my message. When you click on the "Street Team" tab at the left and join, I'll send you a free download of the song you choose, an autographed poster and enter you for other giveaways and promotions.

I want to hear your thoughts. You can contact me through email by clicking this link or the "CONTACT" tab at the left of this page. Let me know which songs are your favorites and help me decide which should be released and promoted as singles and videos.

You may notice there is a song named "Run"(Live) which is not on the "Rise" CD. Although I didn't formerly record it in time to make the "Rise" CD, I'm still thinking about putting it on the next scheduled album. It was included to give listeners a feel of my live show. Funny thing is, since launching the website, it's been leading the pack in the number of listening hits. Click on the MUSIC tab and go all the way to the bottom to listen for free, then email a link your friends. You can all help me decide. I appreciate your opinions.